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Nines Engineering provides a number of local services to their customers, including:
 Vacuum fittings, valves & parts
 Leak check service
 Vacuum assemblies
 Vacuum chambers
 Engineered Solutions & Design

Vacuum  fittings -
We have a wide selection of valves and fittings to suit all you needs. We also hold a stock of common fittings, for immediate delivery. ISO, CF, KF, bellows, clamps, flanges,tees ... Contact us now !

Vacuum valves - We offer a range of angle valve, ball valve, all metal, Z and Y inline, manual and pneumatic options. Also available: HV and UHV gate valve with circular and rectangular ports. Full specification on demand.

Vacuum chambers design and manufacture -
With vast experience in various process chamber and reactor cell design we can prepare custom designs to meet the most demanding processing conditions at a competitive price.
vacuum fittings
Instruments - We can advise you on vacuum gauge, RGA, turbomolecular and dry pumping option availables. Contact us !
Leak detection service - We provide a leak detection service for local institutes and clients, on a hourly rate basis. Let us know when you need your equipment leak tested and we will deliver this service to you.

In-Vacuum sample transfer - Bespoke and standard design for efficient sample transfer within or in bewteen chambers, using magnetic transfer arms, loadlock,...We also provide UHV sample transportation system (vacuum suitcase) to transfer a sample under vacuum between equipment in separate location. No more need to have all your process chambers connected and in the same room !
Leak checking service