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Today's Research is a race. Get ahead, stay focused ... and publish first !

  Engineered Solutions & Design
 Custom solutions to meet your requirements
  Integrated assemblies & systems
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Our aim is to speed up the process of building your equipment so you can get on with the science and start your experiments at an earlier stage, without getting side-tracked by the vacuum machine building part of the work.

We will save you time consuming tasks while keeping the ability to build a custom set-up that suits your needs specifically.

Our systems are engineered around your specifications. Using your informal sketches, we will turn your design concept into hardware using cutting edge 3D CAD software. Expert design assistance in collaboration with your research team is readily available.
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A recent survey showed that doctorant and post-doc researchers were spending a large share of their time on time consuming, low value "un-scientific" tasks.
What you will get from us is a safe, reliable, leaked checked, fully assembled, certified vacuum process module.  You will only have to include your specific piece of core technology  inside it, and you’re ready to go. Designing a vacuum process module for a specific experiment can be tedious and time consuming. Most importantly, it is not the primary focus when working on a scientific research project, yet it is essential to get it right. There is a number of elements to consider and one can easily underestimate the amount of time required to get a process module together.

Product development, Engineering & Design for commercialisation

Product development commercialisation

9s Eng team has a succesful record in turning proof of concept technology into commercial products and production ready manufacturing equipment. We have
succesfully managed a number of projects for various application ranging from analytical instruments to semi-conductor manufacturing equipment. If you think you are at this stage, take the next step and contact us, we can deliver pre-commercial product.

Contact us now to discuss your concept !

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