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Quality control

Every system is fully assembled and tested in our application lab before shipment. The tests are carried out in accordance with a pre-agreed set of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The customer has the option to come and perform the test themselves, In this way the systems are fully “process-ready” when they arrive at the customer facility.Typical regulatory compliance:

 S2, S8, E49, F1, F19, F73, F58, F78,F70

A typical FAT would include:
. In board Helium leak check.
. Rate of rise tests.
. Pump down time and base pressure check.
. Residual Gas Analysis using the latest RGA  equipment.

. Mechanical and gas vapour particle checks.
. Auger and TXRF analysis on customer supplied substrates.

Design and fabrication

  Solidworks 2009 3D CAD design
 Full product life cycle ownership; from initial concept, through P&ID schematic design, component selection, assembly and testing.
 Utilise best in class fabrication joining and sealing techniques

Vast experience in material selection and surface finish, to meet every application i.e. 316L, 304 electropolished stainless steel, various Aluminum alloys, gold plating, etc



Installation & support

Nines Engineering provides
on-site installation, training and full support through the full life cycle of your process module. With an in-depth understanding of the equipment and processes employed, our process and equipment support teams are available to deliver the best possible response time for your particular circumstances.

Our current response times are:
1   hour response to telephone.
4   hours assistance (conference/trouble shooting) by telephone, if unresolved.
24 hours on-site assistance, anywhere in Europe.