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Process ready solutions for deposition, etching
 Precursor delivery Sub-systems
Custom Vacuum chamber

Process ready solutions for deposition / etching
Factory test and pre-qualified vacuum reactor chambers for various deposition plasma processes:
 Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD)
 Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) /Sputtering
 Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)

Non-plasma reactor chambers and modules also available:
 Atomic Layer Deposition  (ALD)
 Thermal Evaporation

Custom design, fabrication, integration and test of assemblies and modules ready for “plug and play” with any mainframe or  E21 style cluster tool configuration. Full qualification to customer specifications

Custom vacuum chamber

With vast experience in various process chamber and reactor cell design we can prepare custom designs to meet the most demanding processing conditions:
  Specialist in large vacuum chamber (> 200L) fabrication..
  True UHV system (<5E-10 mbar, bakeable to 200 Deg C).
 Optimised chamber designs in relation to conductance and gas loading to ensure the most cost effective pumping system selection.
 Ambient and pressure control systems design to deliver any specific processing conditions i.e. <1ppm O2 or H20.

We will recommend best pumping solutions for your process taking into account your requirements, gas loads and conductance in order to achieve vacuum levels ranging from rough vacuum to UHV.

custom vacuum chamber

Ultra High Purity  precursor delivery sub-systems.

. Fully Qualified to customer specifictions
. Design, assembly  and integration of subsystems 
. Instruments selection i.e. MFCs, MFM, valving and manifolds.
. Flow measurement and control
. Up-stream / Down-stream vacuum pressure control
. RGA and other ambient control
  compliant, S2, E49, F1, F2, etc


UHP precursor delivery module

Product development,Engineering & Design for commercialisation

Product development commercialisation

9s Eng team has a succesful record in turning proof of concept technology into commercial products and production ready manufacturing equipment. We have
succesfully managed a number of projects for various application ranging from analytical instruments to semi-conductor manufacturing equipment. If you think you are at this stage, take the next step and contact us, we can deliver pre-commercial product.

Contact us now to discuss your concept !