Enabling Nanotechnology Innovation


9s Eng works closely with their customers in order to design & build new manufacturing equipment, tools, process modules, sub-systems and assemblies, incorporating the best technological options in order to deliver suitable and efficient process for a particular application. Our team of scientists and engineers has significant experience in semi-conductor process, engineering, instrumentation and technology transfer. 

9s Eng team has a succesful record in turning proof of concept technology into commercial products and production ready manufacturing equipment. We have
succesfully managed a number of projects for various application ranging from analytical instruments to industrial semi-conductor manufacturing equipment.

Our competencies include deposition, etching, atmospheric and in-vacuum plasma processes, magnetic and electric features integration and modelling, thermal annealing and sintering, Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and High Vacuum (HV) design, vacuum chambers, vacuum & pressure control, precursor delivery, and system automation.

 Manufacturing equipment     Discover how Nines Engineering  can help achieve your technical goals by engineering innovative solutions for your application, building sub-assemblies and turn-key systems that exceed your specifications and meet your timeline.

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